"Dr. Iyer's Living Leadership Workshops are a journey within one's own being to the source of our own capacity for joy, creativity and connection. One comes in as a dull blade and emerges honed into perfection and the greatest miracle is that the new you was always there."
.... Marianne J: Workshop Participant

"Never have I spent a weekend and come away with more value in such a short span of time. These 16 hours were the greatest value for my company, my business and my life that I have ever received. My only regret was why it took me so long to discover this."
... Rakesh D: Participant

"The Living Leadership Workshop takes the wisdom of the ages and transforms it into real actionable steps that allow you to create the value in whatever field of endeavor you may choose. And it does it without the trappings of moralistic jargon or invoking a theological grounding for its utility, and yet the final result is profoundly ennobling, uplifting and moral beyond description. Dr Iyer takes you by the hand and walks with you on a stirring journey to what it means to be human."
... Chris B: Participant


Dr. Ravi Iyer has done a fabulous job in pulling together the story of the pandemic into a fast-paced gripping narrative.
--- Anusha Bhagat

An intensely gripping and factual thriller of the COVID pandemic with continued relevance long after the last page has been read.
--- Heather Hendricks

"The Reaper's Dance" reinforces my long-held belief that highly educated, critically observant, and caring physicians are lighthouses to the sea-like curiosity of medical scientists.
--- Lloyd Pratsch

Raw and powerful account of the pandemic that transcends social, political, and ideological barriers. 5 stars.
--- Arjun Krishna

Riveting even if sobering view from the trenches - of the pandemic that almost conquered this world. 5 Stars.
--- Jyothi Raghavan

An authentic, courageous, and compassionate account of the fight from the trenches of Covid warfare which ravaged America for over 3 years. 5Stars.
--- Shiv & Meena Krishnan


“People think the things they desire are physical objects in space and time, and therefore they spend a lifetime hustling to acquire them running like hamsters on the "not-enough" treadmill of life.”