About Dr. Ravi Iyer MD

Harvard trained and acclaimed as 2024' s fastest rising speaker and expert on People First Leadership and recognized in the same company as Simon Sinek, and Pete Burbridge of the Dale Carnegie Institute in the space of thought leaders and pioneers, Dr Ravi Iyer, MD operates in the space of blending high performance teams, and profitability with exceptionally high levels of employee satisfaction and customer service.

A physician-scientist, inventor, author, short film actor, transdisciplinary polymath and entrepreneur with research publications in the mechanisms of gene controls and several patents on human and veterinary medicines and devices, Dr Iyer’s professional accomplishments include over 40 years of experience spanning the fields of science, medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmaceuticals, a 9-year Directorship of a Hospice caring for dying patients, and a 4-year Chairmanship of a 225-bed hospital. His contributions have been recognized worldwide by organizations such as Marqui's Who's Who in America and Who's Who in TOP Doctors of America.

His extensive background of over 40 years in the fields of medicine, science, basic research, drug regulation, and vaccine development and creating and leading high-performance teams puts him in a unique position to speak about the issues of human health and wellness, leadership and human potential development with insight, clarity, incisive depth, and deep compassion about the human condition.

Dr. Iyer is a highly sought-after speaker and coach at public and media events and his Workshop on Leadership & Living has been rated as transformational for enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to discover their grounding narrative and showing them the methods by which they can remain connected with that space, thereby allowing them immense focus and creativity as well as resilience and flexibility in navigating the uncertainties of their life.