Speaking with Roy Coughlan
04 Dec, 2023

I had such a great conversation that I have invited Dr. Iyer to a live interview on my Awakening Podcast. He is very knowledgeable and open to answer any questions.

GEMS with Genesis Amaris Kemp
28 Aug, 2023

Dr. Ravi was a great guest and definitely shared some great insights on breaking down diversity, equity, inclusion from the standard cliche.

Label Free: "To live your best life, live label free."
09 Nov, 2023

Dr. Ravi is an extraordinary man, with many incredible skills and successes. Even as a Dr he has managed to rise above that title to become many things. The conversation was riveting.

25 Aug, 2023

Dr. Ravi was an outstanding guest. What he has learned, teaches others, and serves up to society is exceptional. Highly recommend.

Politically High-Tech
19 Sep, 2023

Knowledge and wise guest! You should book him to have a great and fruitful conversation regarding medical topics like the current pandemic.

Good Vibes Nation
07 Aug, 2023

Expert is an understatement!!! 40+ Years in the medical field and attending the best schools in the nation Dr. Ravi packs a punch and gives you straight facts… A must have for your Podcast!

Ignorance Was Bliss
14 Sep, 2023

Dr. Iyer is a compelling storyteller who knows how to put complicated topics into conversational terms.

Unwiring Minds
01 Aug, 2023

The best perspective I have heard in the world of neurodiversity! Both his personal and professional life make him a wonderful person to learn from. I highly recommend Dr. Ravi Iyer, as I believe he has made a real impact on the audience of Unwiring Minds.